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Time is relative. Everyone perceives and interacts with time differently. For some, the same activity can take an eternity and for others it can take a second. In other words, the same activity -which chronologically lasts 5 minutes- can seem to last 10 minutes for some and for others just 1 minute. This depends on an immense ammount of factors.

We name these two concepts: "chronological time" and "logical time".

"Chronological time" is counted in seconds, minutes and hours.

"Logical time" is the natural time of every human being.

Here at AllGenius we respect time. We need to be ready and prepared to assimilate and understand certain concepts completely. Otherwise, no matter how much we interact with something, we won't be able to fully understand it. Here we know that the same people can ask the same questions more than once, as there was no effective learning the first time and it is normal. If knowledge has not been fossilized, this gap will manifest itself again. We understand this process and use the right tools at the right times so that learning takes place in the best possible way.

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