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Modeling is the most natural and most efficient learning process.

How does a baby learn to speak?

Watching other people and reproducing movements and sounds.

Showing the right path is the most effective, natural, and healthy process of teaching someone. And the only way to learn and become great at something is through practice.

That's why all our classes here are 100% in English, as each interaction serves as a model and access to the language acquisition process.

The everyday conversation, greetings, chunks of speech and collocations are commonly used and often repeated. Getting used to the environment and not creating extra steps (eg. Involving a second language, creating more associations than necessary, trying to bring theory before practice) is the most efficient way to learn.

Translating and creating shortcuts might seem to help at first, but they’re conditioning students to resort on this if they’re ever frustrated because they can’t understand/say something and that’s not really speaking English.

Of course, having the repertoire and the preparation to hold a 100% English class isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if you plan on keeping everyone on board. In our classes, even when discussing light or darker shades of fruit colors or trying to remember the name of that movie, we are practicing, at all times we are surrounded and using English to communicate to get as used to it as possible!

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