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Every student has their own AllGenius Diary.

It contains their examples, organized how they see fit and with their own references, names, dates and location that only that student could contextualize.

We practice and replicate structures in thousands of ways, talking, telling stories, producing texts, reading articles or listening to music.

Every Genius has their story.

That is the story they are going to use inside the classroom.  When talking about the future, let's talk about our own plans and how we see ourselves in the future, when talking about the past, let's revisit some good old times and share some fun stories, when thinking about hypothetical situations, let's imagine what would it be like to meet your idol or what would we do with $1 million.

The AllGenius Diary is a log of everything students produced during classes.  They are the records of productions from the classroom and should be studied further on to deepen or revisit previously studied topics.  Keeping track of texts is a way of concretely measuring development in linguistics.

It is crucial to write them down.

These registers fossilize assimilation

They are direct and eternal access to what has been learned.

The act of organizing thoughts and putting effort and energy into the task builds interest and helps us elaborate information. Transforming abstract into concrete helps understanding. In the learning process, even if the student does not understand 100% of the text, or if some words weren’t written by him, it is important to know that effective learning comes from mechanical learning.


Whenever we start a skill, in the beginning we mimic movements/sounds without knowing exactly what they are for, like repeating random phonemes (three times five equals fifteen) or trying fighting positions. That’s mechanical learning. After some time, it sinks in; we understand that five apples in each of three baskets equals fifteen apples, while also noticing that in a specific stance, our limbs have a wider range of motion, so we naturally fight more comfortably. That’s effective learning.

It is also a way of when looking back, checking what has been and noticing how far along you’ve come. 

After corrections, save your production in your diary with date and class map.

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