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We believe in people.

We believe people are capable. Capable of creating, learning, teaching and changing. Thus, changing the world.

We know there is strength in union and that we are stronger together, because we share experiences and reach places we can not reach alone.

We believe knowledge frees people and gives our choices more vision, confidence, capacity and power.

Our doors are always open for those coming and going.

We want people to protagonize their own stories. We inspirit our students to mould the community. We aim to make our students understand how valuable their experiences are not only for them but also for others when shared.

We are happy to help because we know much affection and collaboration help bonding and how essential that is when learning a language. We know that communication and support are the pillars of growing. We know how important it is to speak English nowadays, that is why we dedicate ourselves to helping people to talk to the entire world.

We also know how challenging this process is. We want our students to feel safe, comfortable and confident. We want them to take risks and feel free to make mistakes.

That is why we do not judge.

We open our hearts to everyone who wants to be a part of the community. We understand that each and everyone of us has different life experiences, cognitive skills and access to our own limits and potential. Nobody is better or worse for their choices, we all face their pros & cons and they are unstransferable.


Imagine a world where everyone understands and is understood. Where everybody is capable of communicating with each other, giving everyone the chance to make better decisions. A community where each member understands their own importance, potential and how others affect this process.​​


Everybody can help!

A place where who we are matters the most. A place where we learn, teach, try and improve every day. A world of transparency, where we have access to all there is and use it in our benefit. Where we free ourselves from preconceptions and realize it is ok to be us and help other people to do the same.


"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change"

Michael Jackson

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